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Styling Mistakes That Could Be Making You Look Older.

One of the things that happens as we age is our hair can change texture. And when it changes texture, typically it'll end up a bit drier looking and can even get a bit course. And the way that can end up manifesting is by making your hair look a little bit drier or even downright frizzy.

One of the things that I see people do WRONG when they're styling their hair is that they are simply not using the right tools to really achieve the look they desire.

I know that a lot of you try to limit heat tools such as flatirons when styling your hair, and some of you just down right refuse to use them at all. And I can totally understand that, because they can cause major problems if you aren't using the right one, on the right temperature, with the right products.

But follow me on this one for a minute, because this may impact your decision on whether or not you continue to exclude the flat iron in your hairstyling routine.

Here's something about a flat iron that I think is pretty interesting to think about...

The way a flatiron delivers heat is different than any other hot tool or tool in general that we use. It's the only tool that actually addresses both sides of the hair strand, adding heat evenly to both sides, versus one side being much hotter.

Even curling irons don't deliver the same amount of heat, because the barrel is going to heat up much hotter than the clamp itself. Because the flatiron delivers the same amount of heat to both sides, it smooths the cuticle down in a way that just nothing else has the ability to do and when we smooth that cuticle down, it's going to have a tendency to look a little bit healthier and more youthful.

But here's the second part to this...

Many times, I see people using round brushes, or curling irons or whatever to add volume to their hair. But what they end up with is a lot of bend at the very ends, and with the flatiron, you can control the amount of bend you get more effectively, so you end up with more of a bend versus a curl at the bottom. And that has a tendency to flow a lot nicer no matter what length of hair you may have. Plus, it just looks a bit more modern and a lot chicer, if you will.

Hope this gives you a bit more understanding as to how you can use flatirons to your benefit...just remember to watch the heat temperature and use a thermal protectant. If you do that, you'll be fine, and if you have any questions...reach out and I can totally help to answer any questions you may have!


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