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Stop neglecting yourself when it comes to your hair appointments!

It's time for an upgrade know your a VIP!

But seriously, it's time you start to make yourself a priority... plus get access to all the amazing VIP perks that will save you money and eliminate your financial stress when it comes to achieving incredible hair!

✔ Ready to really love your hair color, haircut, or hair texture again?

✔Stressed about how much money you shell out every time you leave your hair appointment?

👉 Get a customized maintenance plan with your specific hair goals in mind.

👉 Pay monthly for your hair so you can easily work your appointments into your current budget.

👉 Feel good every time you look in the mirror because your hair is always on point,(at least on the days you style it anyways 😉)

👉 Trust in your hairstylist completely because they know what you want your hair to look like, and because they have an amazing plan to get you there!

✌Say goodbye to waiting way too long in between hair appointments or the financial guilt you feel after your visit.

👋And hello to more frequent, well deserved, guilt free self care where you get to leave your appointment feeling stress free and looking absolutely gorgeous!

VIP Membership Packages are now available!

• Memberships are available for 6 or 12 months.

• You can purchase your package upfront, saving you 10% when you sign up for a 6 month membership, and 15% when you sign up for a year!

1. Dimensional Babe

For those coming in every 10-14 weeks for a dimensional hair color and haircut

• 1 year membership package includes: 6 Highlight/ Low-light services & 4 haircuts.

• 6 month membership package includes: 3 Highlight/ Low-light services & 2 haircuts.

2. Brazilian Beauty

For those coming in every 12 weeks for a Brazilian Blowout.

• 1 year membership package includes: 4 BrazilianBlowout Treatments.

• 6 month membership package includes: 2 Brazilian Blowout Treatments.

3. Color Queen

For those coming every 5-7 weeks for a root touch up and a haircut.

• 1 year membership package includes: 8 Root Touch Ups & 4 Haircuts

• 6 month membership package includes: 4 Root Touch ups & 2 Haircuts.

4. Extension Goddess

For those coming every 7-9 weeks for an extension service.

• 1 year membership package includes: 6 extension applications & 5 re-fittings (removals)

• 6 month membership package includes: 3 extension applications & 2 re-fittings (removals)

As a VIP Member you get access to our Alacart Menu where everything is discounted! Plus any other services that you receive that aren't included in your package are 10% off!

VIP Alacart Menu

Upgrade your package at VIP prices!

Add ons for:

"Dimensional Babe Membership Package"

• Root Touch-Up $99

Add ons for:

"Color Queen Membership Package"

• Mini Highlight $73

• Partial Highlight $84

• Half Highlight $100

• Full Highlight $114

Save $10 When You Add to any Color Service

• Express Keratin Smoothing Treatment

• Gloss Treatments

• Olaplex or B3 Treatment

• Toners

Rules & Restrictions

1. Your Membership can be shared with friends or family! **

2. The first month's dues are paid upon enrollment.

3. We ask that your services be received within the length of your contract or you risk losing them.

4. If you must cancel your hair appointment within 24-hours, the service will count toward your package.

5. If you wish to make any changes to your membership or you need to cancel, I do require a 30-day written notice via email to

6. If you cancel before the agreed upon term, it could result in a $100 cancellation fee, at the owner’s discretion.

7. Unfortunately, there are no refunds on unused packages.

8. Membership Fees are due on the 15th of the month, and memberships do not include gratuity.

*(Limit 1 person for a 6-month membership.)

**(Limit 2 People for a 12-month membership)

For enrollment form email:

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