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At Salon Pink we offer Micro-links, Natural beaded rows, and Tape-in hair extensions.  These services require an initial consultation in order to choose the type of hair, color and length that is specifically customized for you!


At the time of the consultation a $400 deposit is required in order to move forward with booking your extension service. The deposit will be put towards the hair and any other supplies the service may require.. This deposit does NOT include the actual service.  Please keep in mind that it takes 1-6 business days to receive the hair of your choice depending on the distributer.






After Care Instructions



  •  Avoid all products that contain alcohol

Before shampooing remove all tangles.  Gently run the shampoo throughout the entire length of the hair in a downward motion.  Rinse the shampoo in the same downward direction.


Condition after every shampoo.  Apply conditioner three inches away from scalp.  Do not apply conditioner directly on the area of attachment.  Do not rub your hair with a towel after shampooing and conditioning. Gently squeeze around the hair to absorb the excess moisture.


Only use a wet brush or comb to detangle when extensions are wet.  When brushing dry hair hold your hair at the root then start at the ends of your hair and gently work your way up.  Brush your hair often.  Whenever possible let your hair dry naturally.  This will help your extensions last longer.  When blow drying and using hot tools always use a leave in conditioner, serum, or oil that contains a heat protectant.


Apply your favorite serum or oil before brushing out all tangles in your hair.  Pull it back in a braid or secure bun and never go to bed with wet hair.


Always pull your hair into a braid or ponytail and always rinse your hair after you exercise.




(1-3 hours)


(per additional hour)

Removal with re-fitting  


Removal Only  


(Includes shampoo & blow dry style)

Ready to book a consultation with me so we can come up with a game plan & schedule your hair extension service? Book for:


"Hair Extension Consult"

Located under the Alacart Service Category.



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